9 High-paying Part-time Jobs for College Students

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You are in college and want to gain some extra cash?  There are some part-time jobs which can help you out with your daily expenses. Plus, you can start saving up for paying back your student loans.

Understandably, when you are in college, you need time to attend classes, study and socialize.  For this reason, we have picked the work positions which have flexible working hours, and at the same time will help you gain valuable experience.

Here are our top choices for the best part-time jobs for those of you who are in college:

1. Non-Profit charity fundraiser

Your job will be to encourage different organizations or individuals to donate for specific fundraises. You must have excellent communication, organizing, negotiation and sales skills.

Expected pay: up to $30/hour

2. Social media assistant

Your job will be to assist companies or organizations with the management of their social media.  It will involve communicating with clients and partners via their web and social media platforms.  It requires good communication skills, and knowledge of the Internet communication channels.

Expected pay: up to $21/hour

3. Online researcher

You will need to locate specific information via different Internet resources and databases by using the best keywords and search channels.

Expected pay: up to $37/hour

4. Grant analyst

The position is suitable for accounting, business administration or finance majors.  The grant analyst job typically requires a year of prior experience in reviewing and approving grant paperwork.

Expected pay: up to $32/hour

5. Content editor

This job consists of checking and editing various written content.  It requires attention to detail and excellent grammar and spelling skills – perfect for English or journalism majors.

Expected pay: up to $40/hour

6. Night auditor

If you have accounting, math and computer skills, this job will be perfect for you.  It consists of helping hotel management with bookkeeping and guest relations.

Expected pay: up to $29/hour

7. Writer

If you are an English or Journalism major, this part-time job is a superb way to make some money and get more practice for writing on different subjects.

Expected pay: up to $55/hour

8. Circulation clerk

You will be assisting library patrons with: circulation, shelf-maintenance and other clerical functions in the library.

Expected pay: up to $19/hour

9. Guest service coordinator

This job will help improve your customer relations skills and earn some money. The position involves assisting and clerical support of the customers of your employer.

Expected pay: up to $21/hour