Education set free

Imagine a university built on the premise of opening possibilities to everyone, rather than guarding its resources for a privileged few.

University New York of Business and Technology is a leading online university, offering a tuition-free education. We decided to put to good use the power of Internet, technology and open educational resources, so that all qualified high school graduates with no regard to nationality or wealth, can get the quality education they deserve.

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Our Mission.

Cut the cost, raise the worth

We strive to make education fully available. If you are qualified and want to realise your potential by acquiring a diploma, you can do it, regardless of your race, gender or economic status.

Moreover, we make it our responsibility to provide not just affordable but top-of-the-line education. It is our university’s purpose to help you gain high-quality and applicable knowledge which will guide and support your career choices .







Our Vision

We believe that education is the engine that drives us forward. Not just as individuals but as a global community.
We believe that in today's world education should be accessible for everyone. In order to set up a solid base for future progress we need to not just reinforce but also upgrade the integral human freedoms and rights. Thus, by providing new paths and possibilities to people of all ages, we believe we could inspire change, leading to an overall better world for everyone.

Quality of Our Programs

We are determined to always uphold the quality of our programs. We make sure that our students have access to high-grade and thorough education by:
Providing excellent study resources – open educational resources carefully selected by our team of brilliant teachers.
Getting know-how from outstanding business executives.
Setting high academic standards.

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No matter where and how you live, you can create a strong foundation for future success and realize your potential with the right undergraduate or graduate program.