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In the long and glorious history of marketing, many new products have failed. Having people who shine with great marketing awareness and know how to do things better, is crucial for any organization’s overall success. A company’s future is defined by marketing plans and the result they will bring. Businesses focus on turning a new product or service into a hit. As a marketer, your role is basically to help organizations gain a better understanding of the wants and needs of their target audience of customers. They will use this information to create a product or service so good in quality and design that customers can’t help purchasing it.

If you desire to wear the hat of a marketer and be successful, there are a few useful career-builder skills you need to develop in the first place. Information is the key to effectiveness. Once you’ve acquired a decent understanding of the essentials of marketing, you will be able to put this knowledge into practice and improve the quality of your work.

UNYBT’s Marketing program offers an effective training program designed to help learners develop a certain set of skills and expertise in four main marketing areas:

Marketing strategy
Market research and analysis
Global marketing

In the span of those training programs, learners will be provided with precise study information that enables them to cultivate key skills and adopt a marketing mindset. Moving from watching video lectures to reading textbooks, the course covers all important areas of which a marketer needs knowledge.

Student Learning Goals

You will be able to develop the top wanted skills and lines of behavior big company managers look for when hiring.
You will learn to use with confidence different marketing techniques and make adequate analysis in accordance with the many business niches.
Full capability of implementing various marketing tactics as well as your personal ideas and solutions in the process of developing a new marketing strategy.
Awareness of how to carry out a research, analyze data, make prognoses, and, afterwards, elaborate winning marketing plans with the customer experience in mind.
Good marketers shine with excellent verbal and written skills. In fact, this is the key element in establishing long-lasting relationships with customers, managers and colleagues.
Awareness of how the worldwide markets work

Career Paths

Today’s marketing, with its many branches, remains one of the most popular fields for career growth. Generally, a marketing expert’s main goal is building strong brands. A good marketer would never miss to monitor market trends and identify effectively consumer needs and wants.
A diploma in Marketing opens many doors for career success in any marketing-related field, including:

Marketing and advertising manager
Marketing assistant
PR expert
Marketing consultant
Market research analyst

More Windows of Opportunities

Other marketing branches where you can apply the newly developed skills are: brand management, market segmentation, customer relationship marketing, copywriting, content marketing, social media marketing, public relations, product design & development, and many more.

Salary and Career Outlook

The average salary for marketing managers in United States, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), was estimated of $127,130. The BLS predicts a 12% increase in the demand for marketing and advertising professionals from 2016 to 2022.


Economics is a social science. Just like psychology and sociology, it examines human behavior. Microeconomics, as the name implies, concerns the smaller portions of economics. It sets the focus on individual economic entities, activities or phenomena. In this course, you will learn all the key principles of microeconomics. What is more, you will know how and when to apply these principles in real world situations for both personal and professional purposes. By introducing to important concepts, you will be able to develop a firm base of microeconomics awareness. This course aims to empower students to become well-educated, critical thinkers who understand, analyze and evaluate economic data. By the end of this course you will have gained a good understanding of Microeconomics and developed valuable analyzing skills to help you prosper in a highly competitive environment.

Quality of Our Program

We are determined to always uphold the quality of our programs. We make sure that our students have access to high-grade and thorough education by:

Providing excellent study resources – open educational resources carefully selected by our team of brilliant teachers.
Getting know-how from outstanding business executives.
Setting high academic standards.

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First day of classes 1 September 2021 1 March 2022 1 September 2022


Once you have been accepted in the desired program, you will have free access to all learning materials and courses, thus making your education in UNYBT tuition-free.
We strives to make education fully available, so we have managed to eliminate almost all costs. In order to be sustainable, UNYBT has a fee for processing exams. The only expense that our students need to pay is the one-time Exams Processing fee. 
The Exams Processing fee for our Marketing programs it is $42 per exam ($924 in total + textbooks).

Part of our courses have mandatory textbooks. We use textbooks written by reputable authors that are recognised experts in their field! The average price for a textbook is $30. For example, you can find the book Essentials of Strategic Management in Amazon for $29.70

All textbooks can be found in electronic format (eTextbook) using Amazon or other large online stores. Our goal is to make sure that our students can access all the necessary learning materials. Once you are accepted you will receive the list of all the mandatory textbooks.


UNYBT’s mission is to provide affordable education for everyone. Whoever you are and wherever you are from, you can be a part of our educational journey.
It is easy to join us but we do need an affirmation of your eligibility.

You have to be at least 18 years old.
Must be proficient in the English language.
Need to have successfully graduated from high school.

Admission process

The admission process consists of three simple steps:
1. Online application,
2. Sending necessary documents by email and
3. Receiving an answer.
For more information, please visit Admission page.

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