Why Choose UNYBT?

University New York of Business and Technologies aspires to be an advanced and improved distance-learning university. Our students can benefit by the following advantages:

  • Absolutely tuition-free programs
  • Very high academic standards
  • Excellent study resources – open educational resources carefully selected by our team of brilliant teachers
  • Getting know-how from outstanding business executives
  • Personal attention and consideration for every student
So, if you are the kind of person who...
Looks for affordable but uncompromisingly excellent education
Wants to explore new possibilities and realize your potential
Aims for intellectual, social and personal growth
choose University New York of Business and Technologies
We strongly believe that we can empower our students by providing the best distance-education that has ever been offered.


Opportunity for Everyone

We want to open the way to education, so it is reachable with no boundaries or financial concerns.
We do that by:
Effectively using the Internet to establish a convenient distance-education platform and
Limiting costs by providing tuition-free programs.


We are determined to always uphold the quality of our programs. We make sure that our students have access to high-grade and thorough education by:
Providing excellent study resources (video lectures, textbooks, multimedia presentations and other supplementary materials) – open educational resources carefully selected by our team of brilliant teachers.
Getting know-how from outstanding business executives.
Setting high academic standards.

High Performance

We want to motivate and inspire our students to attain their goals by:
Providing a learning platform, designed to save time and effort.
Ensuring a compelling and effective study process.
Offering a modern interactive system for evaluation and assessment.

Practical Value

We aim to provide education as a foundation for a successful career. Thus, we help our students envision their career choices by:
Interesting resources for finding your best skills and job inclination.
Information about different career paths.
Excellent study resources that will prepare you for your upcoming career.

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No matter where and how you live, you can create a strong foundation for future success and realize your potential with the right undergraduate or graduate program.