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The employment market constantly evolves. Normally, the in-demand skills and knowledge keep changing in the course of time. Whereas some majors are getting strong approval by employers, other become more and more worthless.

People with a degree in computer science and software engineering are highly likely to land a high salary job. Pursuing business administration degree is also considered the right choice to make. Sounds great, but which majors exactly help you become a high-profile professional who attracts high-paying employers?

A relevantly clear answer to this intriguing question gives the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), a non-profit organization, based in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. NACE have recently released a study that reveals which majors look most attractive in the employers’ eye in 2016.

From August to September NACE have been sending questionnaires to 201 big companies in various industries, including Macy’s , Chevron, Aetna, DuPont, and Procter & Gamble, asking about their willingness to employ people who will be graduating from college at the end of this academic year. NACE asked specifically in which majors the companies are interested the most. Truth to be told, the results weren’t surprising at all.

After data has been thoroughly analyzed, NACE announced:

  • The top 11 most desired by employers bachelor’s degrees graduates
  • The top 10 most desired by employers master’s degrees graduates

Based on NACE’s findings, we can simply assume that pursuing one of the following academic degrees will largely increase students’ chances to landing a fulfilling and high-paid job.

Should you go to college and what degree to pursue, is a tough decision so take your time. Would it be better to follow your interests and passions or be practical and major something that will help you get a high-paying job fast? If you truly want to make a career in a winning field after college, then you might need to reevaluate your major.

When you are willing to go practical, take a closer look at the disciplines on this list. Keep in mind, the data is based on what employers of successful companies want when hiring.

We have put the data into three charts displaying the degrees in the highest demand and the number of respondents who are likely to hire graduates of each subject.

Among the Top Bachelor’s Degrees in Demand
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Computer Science
  • Management Information Systems
  • Information Sciences & Systems
  • Logistics
Among the Top Master’s Degrees in Demand
  • MBA
  • Computer Science
  • Management Information Systems
  • Finance
  • Software Applications
  • Accounting
  • Electrical Engineering

Surprisingly, humanities couldn’t make it to the top positions on this list. However, do not lose hope. NACE’s other charts reveal that 14 employers are looking for psychology degree graduates and 8 employers would like to find talented English language and literature majors.

Here more details from NACE report about the top majors in demand.

Business Administration

Majoring business administration makes graduates versatile and exposes them to a number of business-related job positions.  NACE rated the discipline forth on the list of most desired bachelors’ degrees due to 86 employers said they are open to hire business administration grads.

Computer Science

Called the career of the future in recent years, computer science is believed to be one of the most preferable fields to grow professionally, therein the best degree to pursue in college. The good news is, the time is right for students to adopt the necessary skills and gain in-depth awareness of the subject. Moreover, careers requiring a degree in computer science are expected to take off within the next decade and employers will be even more passionate to discover great talents. Whether you choose a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate’s degree, computer science will place you among the most desired candidates.


Marketing as a skill is one of the best to have today. A degree in marketing opens many doors.  From advertising, copywriting, to creating a new product that unlocks unfamiliar yet wants, the power of marketing is very strong in the wide world of business. Bachelor’s degree in marketing paves the way to many successful career paths. 64 employers of 200 want to hire marketing grads.


Accounting, famously known as “language of business”, is a flexible major that can lead to many top-paying business-related jobs. Accountants’ potential goes far beyond completing general bookkeeping tasks. And employers are fully aware of that fact. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the accounting sector is expected to continue growing at a fast pace through 2022. Although it requires time and effort to develop, accounting is a very special skill you can benefit a lot. The world of business is always in a need of skilled professionals to analyze data, numbers and information. People who possess these skills, thanks to a bachelor’s or master’s degree, will leverage them to land a good job and build a successful career.


By rule, finance degree graduates, whether bachelor’s or master’s, strike with valuable skills and extended knowledge. This makes them the perfect match in a wide variety of industries within the finance sector, including financial analysis, banking, corporate finance, public finance, financial reporting, and insurance. Put simply, employers would do their best to have you in their team.

Software Engineering

There is a lot of money in the software business. The constantly growing demand for experienced professionals will create more and more jobs in the near future. Software engineering teaches skills that are highly valued by employers. What is more, studying software engineering prepares you for many business-oriented positions.

Math/ Statistics

Statisticians get hired mainly for jobs that require gathering and interpreting data. A degree in statistics is a good investment because today the vast well-paid jobs deal with data analysis and processing. Likewise, pursue a degree in math is also a good choice. Math teaches you how to use mathematical models to find practical solutions for problems or crises. Employers value people with problem-solving skills.


The degree in communication is multipurpose-orientated. You are able to acquire crucial intellectual skills, such as analytical reasoning, argumentation, critical thinking, public speaking, negotiating, and clarity of expression, time management and meeting deadlines. Several other charts of NACE’s report show that 40 of the 200 employers are highly likely to hire communications majors.


A degree in economics makes you a versatile professional. Economics is more than a study of international trade and money. Economics is a social science at its nature. What separates it from other social sciences is the complex models economists use. These models aim to maximize something by getting the most of the given scarce resources. Economics teaches rational thinking. Economists study people’s choices and how to make these choices more rational. If you can read and analyze economic models, consider your career prospects greatly improved. According to NACE’s report, 33 of 200 employers will hire economics majors.