7 Productivity Tools for the Smart Online Student

Be Productive

Having online education growing more mobile-friendly and popular worldwide, today’s students are lucky to have a plethora of useful tools that not only make online learning easier, but also contribute to boosting their productivity.

Curious to find out the best tools that will make you a productive and efficient online student? We will shine the spotlight on seven of them:

High-capacity portable charger

In the digital age, we rely on our mobile devices day and night. Therefore, as an online student you can’t miss to get a portable charger equipped with dual USB ports to recharge any Android as well as iOS device. For students pursuing a degree online, who are always on the run, a backup power supply is always good to keep around.

Data storing external device

As an online student, you will have to store different kinds of data, from resources, images, instructions on assignment projects, images, etc. That’s why you should get an external drive offering lots of storage space, preferably in the range from 500 GB to 2 TB. You can still keep your study files on the computer, but it’s for the best to use a backup drive as a safety precaution in case of a data disaster. This is a highly convenient way to protect your data.

Wireless smart mouse

Smart mouse offers a navigational ability which adds comfort and enhances work performance behind the screen. Since online study projects require a lot of typing, this tech gadget is definitely something worth having.

Cloud storage

Similar to external storage device, the cloud storage service offers simple and amazingly practical solution for keeping your study files and folders safe and shareable. In case of a system crash, this will have your important data covered. The most popular cloud services are Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and OneDrive. And the best part is they are free. Another great advantage of storing files in one drive is that you can access them anytime using any WiFi-connected device you carry with yourself, like a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Automated writing software

Many online students find talking easier and time-saving than typing. This is when automated writing (also known as or voice dictation) software comes into play. This valuable tool enables you to transfer your thoughts into words in less than no time. Armed with this software you are able to complete a lot of written work without ruining its quality. Only make sure to check for spelling mistakes and typos before submission.

A pair of high-quality headphones and microphone

Students can study at their best in a quiet and distraction-free environment. A useful way to escape the noise is to get a pair of headphones that provide crystal clear sound that eliminates all surrounding distractions. Headphones are great for video/audio conversations and other online study-related tasks.

Tablet dock

Almost all online learning systems are designed mobile-friendly so students can access the lectures and supporting materials via tablet. This is why a tablet dock would be very useful. Opt for one that offers high-quality audio experience.