Master of Business Administration (MBA)

About the Program

Our MBA program aims to fully engage the students in the field of business. Through creating new insights and teaching new approaches to resolving increasingly complex situations, this business degree can bring you to the position of an influential leader, successful business manager or startup founder. That is why, if you want to make a difference and improve your career prospects, getting an MBA in University New York of Business and Technologies is something you should definitely go for by all means.
Form of Study: Distance Learning/ Online
Program Duration: 2 years
Accelerated Program Duration: 8 months
One-time Exams processing fee: $980 (in total)
Here are the top benefits of getting an MBA:
Higher level of knowledge in business
Strong competitive edge
Set on a fulfilling career path
Widespread acceptance by employers
Valuable insights on finance, accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and leadership
Nurturing skills in high demand in the world of business
Increased earning potential
Good starting salary prospects
Job stability in terms of changing market niche

Student Learning Goals

MBA helps you develop a strong business mindset. Thriving to reach the best results to keep the company moving forward, today’s business owners are passionately looking for candidates with a specific set of skills and awareness.
Companies want to hire MBAs who demonstrate strong business mindset paired with valuable abilities. The Bloomberg Job Skills Report 2016: What Recruiters Want reveals the most desired skills that you will acquire in our MBA program:
Strategic thinking and versatility
Business analytics
Extensive marketing knowledge
Strong communication skills
Organization and time management
Outside-the-box thinking
Problem solving
Decision making

Career Paths

For this decade so far, 2017 and 2018 appear to be the best years for job-hunting MBA graduates. Recent survey findings show that businesses of different size are attracted to newly graduated MBAs. In fact, the GMAC‘s 32-page Corporate Recruiters Survey Report says that MBAs are most likely to stand out on the job market. The report also shows that 84% of employers worldwide are planning to hire candidates who have earned an advanced degree in business. More than 50% of the businesses internationally are willing to increase the starting salaries for new MBA hires in 2017.
Studying an MBA allows pursuing many passions in the rather diverse fields of business studies.

Salary and Career Outlook

According to PayScale, people who hold MBA can earn from $47,000 to $242,000 per year depending on the job they choose.
Marketing Director from $61,606 to $152,828 per year
Financial Analyst from $49,301 to $80,453 per year
Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from $82,626 to $242,005 per year
Human Resources (HR) Manager from $48,980 to $97,347 per year
Financial Controller from $56,394 to $128,195 per year

Degree Courses

In this course, you will learn that a successful marketing campaign is focused on the consumer. The art and science of marketing is the understanding how to communicate with the consumer and has four basic characteristics:
• Creating usable consumer product
• Promoting a product-value exchange proposition
• Offering best value delivery
• Offering price for product exchange
During the course you will learn the process of determining which product to offer, at what price and who the customer is. You will also learn some marketing techniques like market research, analysis and trial-and-error approach. Once the company has a product and target customer, you will elaborate on the processes of pricing, promotion and advertising.

Quality of Our Program

We are determined to always uphold the quality of our programs. We make sure that our students have access to high-grade and thorough education by:

Providing excellent study resources – open educational resources carefully selected by our team of brilliant teachers.
Getting know-how from outstanding business executives.
Setting high academic standards.

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To begin your education in Autumn Quarter 2020 (5th of October 2020) you need to submit your application before 15th of September 2020.

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