Bachelor of Science Degree in
Managing Information Systems (MIS)

Passion for Technology, Mind for Business

Do you have a strong interest in technology? Are the fields of business and management exciting to you? If working with people is one of your strengths and you have a passion for technology, the perfect choice for you is to pursue a career in Management Information Systems (MIS).
Why MIS? The qualified MIS professionals have key roles in international companies across all business sectors. In UNYBT you will learn how to:

Leverage information technology to find business trends
Assure the technological support within any organization
Add value to business processes
Work with IT people to find solutions
Manage IT operations
Develop and manage various IT projects

Student Learning Goals

Management Information Systems specialists have broad skills and knowledge in the field of business process management, IT project management, software development and people management.
Obtain, research, select and assess accurate technology information that fully meets the business needs and objectives
Evaluate the general effectiveness of the processes in the organization by using a framework for analyzing the management practices
Create IT project management plans by using approaches and techniques, and by implementing the best practices according to the Project Management Body of Knowledge guide (PMBOK)
Protecting the IT assets of the company by managing the information safety using different strategies.

Career Paths

Holding a MIS degree, you will possess knowledge and skills that are relevant for a diverse range of sectors. Part of the jobs that will directly relate to your degree include:
IT Project Manager
Software Development Manager
Business analyst
IT sales professional
SEO specialist
Application analyst
Information systems manager
IT consultant

Salary and Career Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 15% increase in the employment in the sphere of Management Information Systems professionals from 2014 to 2024. The average salary for the Information Systems Managers in United States, according to BLS is $131,600 per year.
According to Glassdoor the Business Analyst Entry Level Salaries start from $50,000 per year and grow to $91,000 for intermediate and Senior levels. PayScale shows the pay for:
IT Managers – from $47,060 to $133,116 per year
Applications Analyst, Software – from $44,592 to $92,704 per year
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist – from $29,398 to $63,067 per year

Degree Courses

Do you have your role models in business – people, companies, products that changed the way we live today? Maybe Steve Jobs from Apple or Jeff Bezos from
Well, this course will dig deeper in successful business practices, using real-life cases from a variety of countries, cultures and markets. Through reading materials, exercises, and research assignments, you will build a strong business vocabulary, acquire critical and analytical thinking skills and use the best decision making techniques. Upon completion of this course, you will have a better understanding of business and a clearer perspective for a career choice.

Quality of Our Program

We are determined to always uphold the quality of our programs. We make sure that our students have access to high-grade and thorough education by:

Providing excellent study resources – open educational resources carefully selected by our team of brilliant teachers.
Getting know-how from outstanding business executives.
Setting high academic standards.

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To begin your education in Autumn Quarter 2020 (1st of September 2020) you need to submit your application before 15th of August 2020.

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